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Incorporating Fitness In Busy Professionals

We all need regular exercise to maintain our mood and our health, so we need to fit it in whenever we can. We know that exercising is good for us with endless proven benefits. Dozens of research show that regular physical activity helps improve every aspect of our health. Having a regular exercise decreases cardiovascular risk, eases chronic pain, manages stress, delays dementia, enhances mood, and on and on. So, why don’t we do it more?

Unlike some people who are committed to fitness and get enough exercise, busy professionals don’t have the luxury of time. The difficulty in figuring out how to make exercise happen is one of the biggest hindrances to regular physical activity.

Modern life makes a lot of us busy. We work for long hours, need to commute for several minutes and even hours. Not to mention your home responsibilities can easily take up the rest of your time. Here’s where the self-care concept comes in. We need regular exercise to maintain not just our health but also mood. So, how do we make this work?

  • You don’t need to go out for a run or go to the gym to exercise. Know that any activity counts. You just need to avoid sitting for prolonged periods. You don’t need to be at least an hour of an aerobics class. No need to spend time for a several-mile powerwalk or run. There is a lot of benefits from all activities for any amount of time. It just adds up.


  • You can fit in exercise into the busiest workday. If you need to go to another floor, take the stairs instead of the elevator. Cross across the office to have a little productive conversation with a colleague rather than sending an email. Go with your colleague for a coffee break. Make your next meeting a walking meeting, especially if it’s beautiful weather outside. Stand up from your desk every half-hour and stretch while walking around your office.

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  • Keep track of what you do. Find a convenient way to keep track of your activity and your progress. A wearable step-counter can help you do it. If you are not moving much one day, then get up and move around more. Go for a walk and realize how your stamina improves over time.


  • Make it fun. It is fun when we do things together. Invite someone to do something active with you. Take a walk or hike in the nearby nature reserve or town park. If you have children, play with them or dance with them around the living room. If a trampoline is accessible, jump on it. You may also like to run with your children when they practice bike riding. It doesn’t matter if you look silly, jumping on the trampoline. Remember that all activity is good for you and your companions as well.

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None of us is too busy if you think about exercise this way. All you have to do is to keep moving.